Thank you for taking a minute to learn about our cause.

We have taken on a huge task! We have made the decision to donate our time and resources to help do as much as we can in the fight to bring an end to this pandemic. We are in a unique position to help people get access to vaccine across the US by leveraging our relationships with locally owned pharmacy businesses. We also get to help these small business owners show just how impactful they can be in servicing their communities! We have built a finder tool bookacovidvaccine that allows people to locate their closest pharmacy and either join a waitlist or schedule a vaccination (per availability). This service is free to both the small business (the pharmacy) and to those actively looking to get a vaccine.

This is a very costly project for us. We are humbly opening up this platform to allow those that would consider helping our mission an easy way to contribute. We plan to use the funds to continue to refine the technology for users, add more support staff, and grow our reach in order to be around for as long as we need to be to help with the vaccination efforts!

We are beyond grateful for any help regardless of the amount! If you cannot support financially we ask that you would consider sharing our cause with as many as you can.